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We are professional commercial carpet cleaners with a wide range of other cleaning services that complement our office carpet cleaning service. We can easily clean heavily soiled office carpets even those in high trafficked areas. We perform our carpet cleaning service systematically and fast so as not to cause bothersome interruptions in your office’s operations. We do couch cleaning and upholstery steam cleaning and can make your floor tiles look like new again with eco-friendly tile cleaning products that will strip-off layers of dirt and grime that mask the tiles. Problems with fire sprinklers may activate sprinklers resulting in water damage. Our water damage restoration service will do the necessary procedures to dry and clean your office and furniture so that you can resume operations as soon as possible.

Sofa CleaningFree yourself from annoying pet odor and stains with our pet stain and odor removal service. With our high quality service your home will be pleasantly looking and smelling clean again. Our cleaning procedures do not leave any residue that may negatively affect your health, and that of your family and pets. If you spot mold and mildew in your home we can eliminate them. You will find our mold remediation and decontamination service the perfect solution to your problem. Overflowing sinks and bathtubs can cause serious problems on wooden floors and carpets. Our experience in drying and dehumidifying flooded areas is the perfect remedy to this problem.

Have you experience lying in your sofa and your skin became itchy and found rushes on it? Then it seems that your sofa is really dirty and you have to clean it now. But then, it does not mean that you have to wait for you to have rushes before cleaning it. Do the cleaning first before this unwanted thing occur?

Sofas are not only use in house but also in company and other institutions

In your house, the sofa became the mute and deaf witness of how you and your family bond with each other. In workplace or company, sofa is where you got a deal with your visitors and clients. So that if you want to keep your house or company clean then it does not mean that you have to do the cleaning in your own, you can hire someone to do that thing and Sofa Cleaning Anaheim have many professionals to do the sofa cleaning services for you?

Sofas are sometimes made in fabric while some are made in leather and these two kinds of sofa have different methods in cleaning. Our professionals will figure out the types of covering in order to know the most effective and efficient method of cleaning that is very appropriate in the types of upholstery.

In times of decision making, our professionals will also consider the color and multidimensional stability of the covering. For example, in leather sofas, the cleaning process required a special type cleaner to eliminate dirt buildup without losing the quality of the leather because any mistakes made in using cleaning agents can damaged the sofa. After completing the process, a good layer of urethane coating will be applied to the leather sofa in order to help it to be conditioned and protected which may result to a better condition of the sofa for so many years.

In Sofa Cleaning Anaheim, all cleaning work is done systematically and personally. Our company is using approved cleaning chemicals by the industry and society without hazard ratings. We also provide a deep down cleaning process in your sofa wherein every element of sofa and its base will be 100% clean. Aside from that our process that we apply is gentle enough not to endanger the fiber construction and the most important thing is that our company is blessed for having the highest professional standards.

So what are you waiting for? Avail our Sofa Cleaning Services. It is not just because you wanted a clean environment but also because you need it. In case that you don’t only need sofa cleaning services then our company also offers carpet cleaning in all kinds of carpets, rug cleaning, stone cleaning, marble cleaning, furniture cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and the likes.

Carpet Cleaning Anaheim

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