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The best answers in how to deal with your carpet issues are found in these FAQs.

The best answers to all your questions about carpet cleaning and everything related to it are all here. This Frequently Asked Questions page will serve as your guide in situations of uncertainty regarding your carpets and upholstery. Read all you need to know here!

Why some carpet stains never go away?

You need to consider what products you use for stain removal. If you have a steam cleaner, you should know that they don't remove stains. It seems as if they are removed but they are still there. Never forget that stains are absorbed by fibers right away and if you clean only the spot on the surface, it will still be there. Specialists of Carpet Cleaning Anaheim would suggest stronger ecofriendly products and persistence.

When should I replace my wall-to-wall carpets?

Wall to wall carpets are usually glued on the floor and severe water damage may force you to replace them, especially if mold has expanded. In this case, mildew removal would be almost impossible and the odor would be terrible. You should also replace carpets in case they are seriously burned but usually you can replace part of the carpet if fire damage restoration is impossible. Under normal conditions, carpets should be replaced every seven-eight years.

Why can carpets cause allergies?

Carpets cause allergies if they're not cleaned frequently, properly and with the right ecofriendly products. They gather a lot of dust and bacteria from dirt transferred from outdoors and such harmful microorganisms will be released in the atmosphere. They'll make the environment stuffy and you'll have respiratory problems. Our specialists explain that pet hair and dirt will just make matters worse. Good carpet cleaning is a must.

Is there a difference between spots and stains?

From a professional's point of view, there is, even though the terms are used interchangeably by the general public. Whenever food, a beverage or a chemical is spilled, a spot is created. It is wet and can spread. When the spot dries, it becomes a permanent stain. The compound has become stuck inside the carpet fibers.

Which type of mop is best for tile cleaning?

You will benefit from using a mop with cotton strings or pieces of cloth, rather than a sponge. It will do a better job at picking up and removing dirt. Washing and rinsing the string mop may take a bit more time and effort, but this will definitely be worth it.

How should I vacuum my carpet?

Carpet cleaning and vacuuming should always be thorough. Standard vacuum kits usually have adjustments and extensions to let you reach far and narrow spaces. There are also those attachments that have brushes and bristles. Our specialists recommend using these to easily dislodge debris and particles to be sucked by the vacuum.

Carpet Cleaning Anaheim

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