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Important Tips for Carpet Maintenance

01/28/2014 Back To Blog

Carpet cleaning is the most important procedure for the health of your carpets and your family. Though, the vacuum cleaner cannot perform miracles since there is a lot of dirt on carpets although it is mostly invisible. You need to consider how many shoes step on them daily and how many drops of coffee or wine find their way straight into the embrace of your lovely rugs. It is of the utmost essence to remove stains the soonest possible but the overall maintenance would ameliorate their condition, health and appearance as well.Important Tips for Carpet Maintenance

Basic rules for residential carpet cleaning

*   There are no strict rules when it comes to vacuuming the carpets since its frequency depends on the foot traffic of each room. Home carpet cleaning may be required daily in some houses or limited to once every ten days if there is very low foot traffic. 

*    Some people believe the myth that oriental rugs need more vacuuming but, in reality, they don't. Actually, you need to be very careful with the vacuum and avoid putting pressure, especially on the fringes. You must also remember to clean them on both sides.

*   It is impossible to avoid stains altogether these days. The secret of effective stain removal is immediate reaction and good quality products without chemicals according to the experts from Carpet Cleaning Anaheim. Bad quality or strong soaps would destroy handmade rugs or cause discoloration.

*    Faded colors are often an indication of moisture or concentrated dirt. In this case, mold inspection is required to rule out the possibility of serious damage or prevent its expansion by removing mold with a slightly damp cloth and vinegar and drying well the area.

*    Rug cleaning is usually easier because you have the chance to carry rugs in the open space and allow them to breathe better while you are cleaning them. Just remember to avoid leaving them exposed under the hot sun.

Storing the rugs

If you want to store rugs for the summer or prepare your things moving to a new house, make sure your wool rugs get the required attention. You can roll or fold them in clean sheets, preferably by cotton in order for them to breathe better, and make sure they are kept in a completely dry place.

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